COVID-19 Information

As the organization moves ahead under the revised recommendation and guidance of CDC, Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD), USA Hockey, and PAHL, here are some notes as they pertain to team activities.

UPDATED 8/2022

  • Players should plan to bring their own water bottle to all activities and are not to share with others.
  • All visitors to the rink including players, and non-players, are encouraged to use the multiple hand sanitizing stations placed throughout the rink and wash hands frequently when possible.
  • SCIR asks that all players and families read and understand the COVID 19 mitigations strategies at the local, state, regional and federal levels.
  • Upon being notified of a positive case, the coach and team manager will immediately begin the SCIR COVID-19 Procedures for the 2022-23 Season (link to document).

Alpha Ice Complex Guidelines and Protocols

**The Steel City Ice Renegades has no ownership interest in, or management duties of, Alpha Ice Complex. Any questions regarding rink policies should be directed to Alpha Ice Complex staff.  Please refer to their website ( for information.

Even with all precautions in place Alpha Ice Complex cannot eliminate risk associated with COVID-19. By choosing to make use of this facility, guests are assuming risk that they could contract COVID-19 at the facility despite Alpha Ice Complex’s best efforts to provide a clean and safe environment.

COVID-19 Refund Policy 

During these challenging and uncertain times, we want our members to know that if the season is cancelled or shortened due to the pandemic, our plan would be to refund a pro rata portion of fees to each member which have not been disbursed to pay the costs associated with hockey, for example the highest cost, which is the cost of ice paid to Alpha Ice Complex.

Before making a decision, our process is to collaborate with our local and national hockey governing bodies, and first and foremost to follow governmental guidance.

As a registered 501 c3 non-profit organization, Pittsburgh Amateur Hockey (Steel City Ice Renegades) attempts to formulate a budget each year that allows our individual team fees to stay as inexpensive as possible, while still offering a top-notch program to our members. We do not distribute profits to any shareholders or owners.

We are looking forward to the hockey season and want all members to know that we are focused on youth hockey, and not the “bottom line”.

Stay Safe,

SCIR Board of Directors