You can find all the pertinent information on the following tryout pages. Please note that the tryout dates are tentative and subject to change. All tryout sessions will be held at Alpha Ice Complex (66 Alpha Drive W, Pittsburgh, PA 15238). Any questions, please contact the club Registrars at registrar_1@scirhockey.org and registrar_2@scirhockey.org

The tryout fee allows the skater to attend their birth year tryout as well as the mixed year tryout.  An additional fee IS NOT charged for players to attend both the birth year and mixed year tryouts for which they are eligible.



 2023 -2024 Tryouts Quick Links

2023-24 Tryout Dates
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Season Cost by Team - 2023/2024 Season
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Mixed Year, Hybrid and Birth Year Team Information
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Click here for dates, times, & more information on Tune-Up sessions.
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Tryout Process FAQ
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Tryout schedule is based upon anticipated teams. Upon completions of tryouts it may be determined that we are not able to field certain teams, or additional teams may be added. Not all players trying out are guaranteed an offer, and each player receiving an offer will have an opportunity to accept or decline.

An effort is made to extend offers to players within 48 hours of completion of each tryout grouping

Head coaches will be announced as available. Acceptance or declination of an offer should not be predicated upon the assumption of a particular head coach. In most cases (not all) the head coach for birth year teams will be announced prior to the start of that particular tryout.