Uniform Sizing

Steel City Ice Renegade specific SIZING EVENTS are scheduled for the following dates:

  • Wednesday, May 12 - 5:30 to 8:30 PM
  • Thursday, May 27, - 5:30pm to 8:30pm.

Both will be at Alpha Ice Complex in Harmar.

If a member cannot make it to one of the SCIR specific Sizing Events, they may opt to attend one of the Sizing Events in Warrendale at the Baierl Ice Complex on May 22 and again on June 3rd.

Below are links to the SCIR specific SIZING Forms, one for ADM and a second for Travel Squirts and older. The SIZING Form includes pricing for reference only.  Members who Size at the rink should use the Form to record their sizes when they try on their Jerseys and Socks plus their Optional Pant Shells and optional Warm-up Jackets and Pants.  Orders can then be placed ONLINE at www.kandboutfitters.com.

SCIR Apparel Order Form - non-8U

SCIR Apparel Order Form - 8U

K&B will not be accepting Orders at the Sizing Event.  The Events are meant for trying items on and recording the sizes only.

The ordering CUT-OFF date for all teams is set for Sunday (@ midnight), June 6th.  This date is important.  Core Uniform Items including Jerseys, Socks and Optional Warm-ups ordered by members by the CUT-OF DATE will be included in the BULK DELIVERY which will be delivered To the rink ahead of the first PAHL League Games.

Other bags and spiritwear items ordered will be shipped directly to member homes.

We'll set a different CUT-OFF Date at a later time for the 8U Group, but they can order now as well.

What to expect at the Sizing:

  • K&B will arrive at the Rink about 20 minutes early each night.  They will set up the size racks with the Size Run of Jerseys, Socks, Pant Shells and Warm-up Jackets and Pants.
  • Members should  bring their Shoulder Pads to the Sizing (and their Hockey Pants if they want to order Pant shells).  This way, they can put those on before they try their Uniforms on to make certain they will fit properly.  They should also plan to allow room for some growth by the time the season starts later on in the fall.
  • K&B will have staff there to help members try their Jerseys and other items on and make sure they record the sizes correctly.  The sizes of the sample Jerseys and other items we bring will all be clearly marked
  • Once members have recorded their sizes on their Form, they can go home where they can place their Order Online.  If they have questions when placing their Order, they can call the shop at 724-266-1133 (weekdays 9am to 4pm).