Steel City Ice Renegades Teams

Bantam, 14U, Mite, 2006, what?  Hockey age group naming has always been somewhat confusing.  USA Hockey has worked to simplify the age group naming in recent years.  Steel City Ice Renegades has two different types of teams, Birth Year (BY) and Mixed Year (MY).  Birth Year teams are comprised of all players from a particular birth year, i.e. players born in 2006.  Mixed Year teams are made up of players from 2 different birth years that fit in to one of the USA Hockey age groups identified below.  The primary difference between the two is that Birth Year teams may remain together year after year while Mixed Year teams will change yearly due to the top aged players aging out of that age group.  You can read more about Birth Year teams committment level HERE.



USA Hockey Age Groups (2024-2025)

Birth Year USA Hockey Age Group
200618U (Midget)
200718U (Midget)
200816U (Midget)
200916U (Midget)
201014U (Bantam)
201114U (Bantam)
201212U (Pee Wee)
201312U (Pee Wee)
201410U (Squirt)
201510U (Squirt)
2016 & Younger8U (Mite)