Back to Hockey Day

August 12 will be our annual “Back to Hockey Day”! This was a success last year, and we are looking forward to doing it again. The event will take place outside of Alpha Ice Complex and will include activities and music. Bring a few bucks for food, drinks and 50/50. Most teams will have a practice that day, so come early and stay late! Bring your friends, family and neighbors.


Renegades Room

We are thrilled to announce the opening of the Renegades Room for the 2023/2024 season! This room is for the exclusive use of the SCIR membership and will include opportunities for team building, team meetings, stretching/warm-up, etc. Stay tuned for further updates regarding this great new amenity just to the left in the Alpha Ice Complex main lobby!

Renegades Room Front Door

Renegades Room

Equipment Swap

It is the season of growing and we all have some outgrown equipment to shed. During our Renegades Hockey Day (August 12, 2023) we are going to set up an equipment swap. There are several ways you can participate:

1. Donate your equipment in the donation net at the rink. All donated equipment will be organized and free for Renegades Players.

2. Set up your own flea market style table in the “Renegades Room” and set your own prices. If you plan to do this please fill out this form: I want my own table!

All equipment that is not taken will then be donated on August 13.

2023/2024 Season T-Shirt

If you have not already ordered there is still time to order your season T-shirt. T-Shirt Order


Safety Reminder

As the new season begins, it is important to remind all members that the SCIR takes sportsmanship very seriously, and this applies to both players, as well as spectators. Please remember to behave in a manner that falls in line with our code of conduct that was confirmed upon your team acceptance. Understand that game officials are human beings (many are children), and that mistakes happen. Alpha Ice Complex reserves the right to remove anyone who is not complying with the guidelines, and know that you may be on camera while in and around the facility.


Dues Payment

It is almost time to begin making payments, you have already set up your payment plan and your payments will be automatically charged to the credit or debit card that you set up at registration. The autopay is setup for 8/15/23, 9/15/23, 10/15/23, 11/15/23 and 1/15/24.

TeamSnap Registration Screen Shot

To see that registration you will need to log into TeamSnap on a browser and scroll to the bottom of the screen on that “Dashboard” tab. There will be more than one registration, you are looking for the 2023-24 SCIR Acceptance and Season Fees (YOUR TEAM)

There you will be able to check balances as well as manage payment methods.

If you prefer to make your payment(s) by check, you must deposit the check in the SCIR mailbox at Alpha before the 10th of each month a payment is due so that your account can be credited before the automatic payment is processed.




Please note: “no pay, no play” SCIR board policy: an account cannot have a 30-day past-due balance, if it does your player will be removed from all Renegades participation until payments are caught up.

Please reach out to if you have any questions.


  • 26 July (Wednesday) -Mariano’s Pickup
  • Late September – December 2024 Lucky Lotto Calendars
  • 31 October -2023 Cash Prize Raffle – 6 tickets included with your membership dues (you may sell them or turn them in with your own name on them.
  • November – Sarris Chocolate for the Holidays

Aramark Program