Drawing in October 31.


The PAHL has informed member organizations that beginning this season a new requirement to include on the score sheets is to list the Locker Room Monitor assigned for games. These individuals will need to have completed all certifications required to be eligible to be considered a locker room monitor. A coach may serve as the locker room monitor but it is preferred that another volunteer be assigned in this role when possible. The purpose of this new requirement allows the organizations to have a direct reference point in the event there are issues that arise from locker room behavior or issues. As stated in the attached document – monitors do not need to be stationed in the locker room, but need to be within earshot/arms length of the door and have made the players aware of their presence.

Season Dues

October dues payment will automatically be processed on October 15. Fundraising as of October 1 has been posted to your registration on TeamSnap and can be viewed by logging onto TeamSnap in a browser.


  • There are still Raffle tickets and Calendars available. Each calendar costs $30 earns $10 towards your dues.
  • There are Aramark opportunities for both Pitt and Steeler games.
  • Look for Holiday Sarris Candy Sales in November

SCIR Girl’s Night

10U-16U Girls are invited to come out for a pick-up skate,  and welcome to bring a friend on Friday, October 20, 2023 from 5:30PM-7PM

16U NB Wins Rock N Roll Cup in Cleveland

Congratulations to our 16U National Bound Team who won the Rock N Roll Cup in Cleveland, Ohio back in September. The team went 4-0, scoring 25 goals and only allowing 5!

16U NB at Rock and Roll Cup in Cleveland