Steel City Ice Renegades agree to rebrand as Pittsburgh Vengeance creating development opportunities for Youth Hockey Players in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

Steel City Ice Renegades and Pittsburgh Vengeance Hockey Club are thrilled to unveil their strategic partnership, grounded in a robust history of collaboration, signifies a joint commitment to excellence, innovation, and development.


  • Key Highlights of the Partnership
    • Increased Opportunities
      The integration results in an additional opportunities for youth hockey players in the Pittsburgh Area including addition of the Female Hockey Programs and Programs for Special Needs Players
    • Enhanced Expertise
      By partnering the specialized experience of both entities, the partnership reinforces its capabilities, enabling the reliable development of youth hockey players.
    • Player Development
      Prioritizing a player’s progress, the unified entity places a strong emphasis on growth, giving players opportunities for advancement and development inside one ice rink that does not exist in the Pittsburgh Youth Hockey Market.


As Steel City Ice Renegades and Pittsburgh Vengeance Hockey Club embark on this exciting journey, their unwavering focus remains on delivering exceptional opportunities, fostering growth of youth hockey players, and building enduring relationships within the families and players they serve. This partnership stands as a testament to their dedication to providing the highest quality opportunities for players and families. With anticipation of both opportunities and challenges, the unified entity is confident in its ability to redefine excellence in the Pittsburgh Youth Hockey Market, setting a new standard for the future.