Aramark Fundraising Program

Steel City Ice Renegades teams up with Aramark to offer a unique fundraising opportunity whereby volunteers can go work concession stands at PNC Park and Heinz Stadium (Pirate baseball games, Steelers and Pitt football games and concerts) during designated dates in return for player account credit.

In order to volunteer at PNC Park, you must attend the New Hire Grand Slam/Serve Safe classes and complete an online RAMP class.

Volunteer Responsibilities


  • Complete Grand Slam Training
  • Complete online RAMP (Responsible Alcohol Management Program) Class


  • Invitation to join the SignUpGenius will be sent after training has been completed.
  • Select events from the current schedule. Events will be posted as offered.
  • Each event listed will have the payout amount and the report time listed.
  • Before each event you sign up to work, you will receive an email from the Coordinator indicating your stand location and the job assignment within that stand.


  • Events payouts will be approx. $100 - $150 per person for regular events and may be more for special events.
  • Approximately a week after the current home stand ends, SCIR will receive a donation for each volunteer who worked and sign in at each event.
  • Fundraising credits can only be used toward dues, tryout registration and commitment fees.
  • If you do not sign in on the correct sign in sheet and on the correct page, you will not get paid.


  • If participating in Aramark Program and attended training session, you are required to sign up for at least 10 events during the current season.
  • If signed up to work an event and you are unable to attend, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. Volunteers will need to contact the Coordinator to let them know you are not working and if replacement is found. If you do not find a replacement, you will be fined $50 by the club. After 3 times of calling off with no one to cover your shift, you will be dismissed from volunteering the rest of the season.
  • You will show up and be prepared to work at the assigned report time. After 3 times of being late, you will be dismissed from volunteering the rest of the season.

Job Duties:

All workers in a stand are responsible to help set up the stand prior to the event and clean up after the event. The volunteers job assignments include the below responsibilities but are not limited to just the following duties.

  1. Stand Leader: Manage the stand: people, books and issues during the event.
  2. Cashier: Run the register and fill orders for the customers.
  3. Utilities: Cook, clean, refill stock and assist anywhere needed within the stand.

If the stands are not properly maintained, Aramark can charge a $25 fee. The fees will then be assessed to the individuals that worked that stand.

Dress Code:

Black pants and black non-slip shoes. Aramark shirt, PNC hat and ID badge. A white or black shirt can be worn underneath Aramark shirt if needed.

Aramark will provide one shirt, one hat and an ID badge per volunteer at a non-refundable cost of $10 per person.  If you forget or lose them, you can get a replacement at the park but, Aramark will assess a fee that our organization will charge back to your player’s account.


Members are responsible to keep track of their dates worked and the payout amounts of each event.  It is your responsibility to monitor your player account. If any errors should arise, please contact the Treasurer and Coordinator immediately.


If interested in this opportunity or have any additional questions, please reach out to the SCIR Fundraising Director at fundraising@scirhockey.org.

Voluntary Fundraising Opportunities:

The Renegades offer several fundraising opportunities throughout the year to help off-set the expenses of hockey. Please check this page periodically for new and updated fundraising opportunities.

Fundraising Guidelines:

  1. All fundraising events using the Renegades name and/or logo has to go through the Director of Fundraising and will have to be presented to the board for board approval.
  2. If leaving the organization and a credit balance still remains in player account from fundraising activities, the funds can remain in the player account for 3 consecutive seasons or can be gifted to another member. If funds remain after 3 seasons and are not gifted to another member, funds will be absorbed by the club.
  3. When submitting payment for sale of fundraising goods, please present one check made payable to SCIR from the member family.
  4. Indicate in the memo section of the check, what the check is for and what player’s account get credited. For example: Hoagies/R. Jones.
  5. Do not leave cash in the mailboxes. We are not responsible for any missing funds.
  6. With the exception of the Lucky Lottery Calendars, all items must be prepaid when submitting the order.
  7. If checks are returned for non-sufficient funds, a $40 fee will be assessed. If a member family has checks returned 3 times in one season, that family will no longer be allowed to present checks to the organization for that season. Other arrangements will need to be made.
  8. Fundraising funds can only be used to pay for membership dues, commitment fees and tryout fees.
  9. Members cannot borrow against future fundraising funds. If the funds are not currently in player account, member family will have to pay for expenses.