The 2009 Pittsburgh JR Vengence AAA hockey team participated in the Buffalo Jr Sabre’s Invitational October 11 through October 13. Our team went undefeated in 5 straight games and made it to the championship against the Buffalo Jr Sabres # 9 in the country and lost 2-1.

The scores are as follows

Won 3-2 Vs Philly Jr Flyers
Won 3-1 vs Markham Majors
Won 4-1 vs Belle Tire
Won 5-2 Syracuse Nationals
Won 5-1 Markham Majors
Lost 2-1 Buffalo Jr Sabres

2009 JR Vengeance ranked 18th in the country

Current rankings from 10/23/2019 are 2009 Vengeance 20th and Buffalo Jr Sabre’s 12th