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SCIR Fundraising

Fundraising Opportunities

One of our largest opportunities is the ability to work for Aramark for the Steeler/Pitt games. We have done this for several seasons now and hope to do so again this season if we have enough interested volunteers. Aramark requires us to commit to a certain numbers of volunteers, so if you would be interested in doing this fundraiser please let me know as soon as possible. I can send you information on how the Aramark fundraiser works and what it entails. The trainings are only going to be available until early June and I would need to get you signed on to one as soon as possible. Please note that if we do not have enough interested members this opportunity may not be available to us.
This season we are working to put together a Steelers ticket raffle. It is my goal to get everything approved and finalized for early summer. Once this is done I will send an email out to all teams as to ticket availability, and how the fundraiser will work. This will be in addition to our annual Lottery Calendar sale, which once approved, will begin September/October. We will do one run of calendars, 1000, which will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. The calendars will each have a 3 digit number, and prizes are are based on the evening daily number. In the event of a “double draw”, only the first number will be paid out. The calendar has daily prizes varying from $30-$500. These calendars sell for $30, $10 of which gets credited to your players account.
Sarris candy is also one of our fundraisers that we do yearly. We will do 3 candy bar/ pretzel rod sales over the season. For every box of bars/pretzels you buy, you receive $12.80/$16.00 in profit. Once you sell these for $1.00 a piece you recoup your money. Our first bar/pretzel rod sale will be held in August. We also do two seasonal sales, Christmas and Easter. With these sales we receive a portion of the sales profits, which are all based on our sales total.
Lightning graphics, which will be starting in September, is a window decal fundraiser. With our new branding in process, this will be a big fundraiser this year. Each decal sells for $10, $4 of which is a credit to your child’s account. Lightning graphics has decals to cover most sports and activities, and if you have something in mind that you like but do not see, they will work to make it for you.
Starting the end of September we will running our Entertainment, Enjoy and Enjoy the City book sales. These books will be available through mid-November. Each offers a different profit margin and contains numerous offers for Dining and Entertainment. We also can receive Enjoy and Enjoy the City for other areas, like Johnstown and Erie.
In October we will host a candle fundraiser. Last year we used Celebrating Home. For this season I am still in the process of finding a vender. Once I do I will pass the information along as the fundraiser approaches.
Last year we were given the opportunity to sell Wendy’s Combo cards. Each card sells for $5 and contained 10 coupons for discounts on regular and breakfast combo meals. This fundraiser is 100% profit and if it is available to us again we will run it.
If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Don’t forget to check the web as the season approaches to stay up to date on all of the fundraising events.
Renee Heingerer, Director of Fundraising