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Bardownski Hockey - Exclusive SCIR Stick Offer

07/31/2017, 8:45pm EDT
By Damian M. Zuri

Amazing twigs fully of free Celly's...

Dear SCIR Members

We are pleased and excited to introduce you to Bardownski Hockey. 

Bardownski Hockey is a privately held Company founded and run by Jason Silver, Josh Miller, and Dave Morganti.. Josh is a parent and member within SCIR, Jason serves as our Director of Coaching and 2003 BY Team Head Coach, and Dave serves as the Head Coach for the Renegades 2004 BY Team. 

We, as members ,will have the opportunity to purchase Customized and Personalized hockey sticks specific to SCIR and your individual player ,directly from Bardownski Hockey.

Bardownski Hockey sticks are manufactured at the same factories as the big guys, minus the high cost.  Attached, you will find a welcome letter from Bardownski, a One Sheet detailing the various stick options and what our unique sticks will look like, and a pricing sheet that lays out the costs. 

Thanks to an agreement between SCIR and Bardownski, we have been extended Group Pricing, at $15 off Bardownski retail per stick. Additionally, Bardownski will be donating a portion of the proceeds from each stick back to our Organization, which ultimately benefits us all!

Please take the opportunity to read through the attachments, and as we move through the next several weeks and into the season, Bardownski will be compiling all orders placed by SCIR members. The turn-around-time on the sticks is approximately 3 to 4 weeks, so the sooner you are able to have your order in place, the sooner Bardownski can begin production.

***Please note, the following information is needed for each stick order, and should be submitted via email directly to Jason Silver, not to SCIR:

Team Name - 

Player Last Name and Jersey # -

Size (SR, INT, JR, YTH) - 

Quantity -

Flex - 

Curve Pattern - 

Lie - 

Shot (RT/LT) -

You will find the contact information for Jason Silver, Founder and CEO of Bardownski on the attachments. Please, as you have questions about stick specifications, the ordering process, or Bardownski as a whole, reach out to Jason at any time. 

Again, we are excited to offer this opportunity to our membership!

*SCIR is not affiliated with Bardownski Hockey, nor do they warranty any products sold by Bardownski Hockey

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